Top Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist

According to The American Podiatric Medical Association, the average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day, equating to over 115,000 miles over the course of a lifetime.  With this in mind, it is apparent that your feet and ankles play an integral part of your everyday life. Oftentimes people take their feet and ankles for granted, believing that they can work through the pain or avoid treating common issues. Seeking medical attention for foot and ankle concerns not only helps to treat the existing problem but prevents additional issues in the future.  Knowing when to visit a podiatrist is the first step in the process.

By definition, a podiatrist is a physician and surgeon who treats the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg. There are a number of foot and ankle conditions that are treated by podiatrists, however, we’ve outlined some of the most common below.

  • Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis causing pain in the bottom of the heel or arch of the foot. See our newest patented procedure for a plantar fasciotomy.
  • Chronic or non-healing wounds including foot ulcers and open sores that have not improved or healed over a number of weeks.
  • Diabetes can result in a number of foot complications including nerve damage (neuropathy), calluses, skin changes, poor circulation, and foot ulcers.
  • Nail Disorders such as onychomycosis (fungus nails) and ingrown nails.
  • Structural Deformities such as bunions and hammertoes create daily discomfort.
  • Painful Corns and Calluses are areas of hardened skin that develop on the underside of the foot or the top of the toe.
  • Plantar Warts usually appearing on the bottom of the foot, caused by the HPV virus.
  • Sprained or Broken Ankle including crush injuries, fractures, sprains, and dislocations common among adults and children.
  • Flatfeet a condition in which the sole of the foot either partially or completely loses its arch which can lead to pain and mobility issues.
  • Athlete’s Foot is a fungal infection that starts with an itching or burning sensation between the toes and can spread to the surrounding areas.

At Ocean County Foot and Ankle Surgical Associates, our mission is to provide patients the best possible care for diseases of the foot, ankle, and leg and restore them to the best quality of life possible.  Visit our website to learn about each of these conditions and the treatment options available to you.

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