Key Points of Action for Ocean County Foot and Ankle Surgical Associates:

  • Signs have been posted at each office location on the front door alerting patients of the symptoms of Covid-19 and the office policy for patient treatment.
  • Scheduling has been changed to restrict the number of patients in the office at any given time.
  • In an attempt to limit the number of people in the office at any given time, only one doctor will be scheduled in a suite at a time.
  • All staff members have been provided with PPE equipment such as a KN95 mask and readily accessible hand sanitizer throughout the offices.
  • Any person entering the office, including patients, staff, deliveries, are required to wear a mask at all times.
  • All doors in the office will be left open in an attempt to reduce knob handle access.
  • Pharmaceutical representatives or any solicitations by representatives is strictly prohibited during the pandemic.
  • Patients are being asked to wait in their cars until an exam room is available, in an attempt to prevent congregating in the waiting room.
  • Patients may only bring one additional person into the exam room.
  • Waiting room front desk glass partitions are closed. In areas without partitions, plexiglass has been installed.
  • Telemedicine appointments are encouraged whenever possible and indicated as identified by the physician.
  • Education of staff on Covid-19 symptoms and to promptly inform their manager or Practice Administrator with any illness.
  • Employee temperatures are being taken in each office upon entering the building.
  • The front desk personnel have been given access to thermometers should they feel the temperature of a patient should be obtained.
  • Screening patients on the phone for any symptoms of Covid-19 prior to their appointment.
  • One staff member in each office is instructed to wipe down all door handles in the morning, at 12:00 and at the end of the day with a disinfecting Sani-cloth.
  • Discouraging cash transactions at the front desk. Encouraging credit card or debit card transactions.
  • Staff and Doctor Meetings are performed through the Zoom platform to prevent crowd gathering of staff members.

What Patients Should Do:

  • Do not come to the office if you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath.
  • Follow CDC guidelines such as social distancing and washing your hands frequently.
  • Patients are asked to wait in their cars until an exam room is available, in an attempt to prevent congregating in the waiting room.

We are dedicated to providing our patients and healthcare professionals with a clean and safe environment and together we will get through this national pandemic crisis.

The Ocean County Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates Team