A bunion deformity is an enlargement of the bone coupled with a soft tissue imbalance most commonly seen in the great toe joint. Most bunion deformities arise from several factors including flattening of the arch and other structural problems. Tight shoes can aggravate and worsen a bunion. Bunion deformities can also cause pain, swelling, and irritation in addition to other foot problems such as hammertoes.

Bunion removal may become necessary if nonsurgical treatment methods such as changing shoes and special inserts don’t relieve your pain. At Ocean County Foot and Ankle Surgical Associates, P.C. we correct bunions through specialized surgical techniques tailored to each individual based on a thorough physical exam coupled with x-rays of your feet.

If you have any symptoms that have developed as a result of your bunion deformity, please contact one of our six convenient office locations for an evaluation at (732) 838-FEET.