Management of a Chronic Radiation Necrosis Wound with Lyopreserved Placental Membrane Containing Viable Cells

Radiation therapy is commonly employed in the treatment of various cancers alone, or in a combination with surgical tumor excision, with the purpose of selectively killing cancer cells at the tumor site.1 Radiation therapy, however, is damaging to the surrounding healthy tissue and may result in tissue necrosis. Radiation can also compromise wound healing leading to a chronic ulceration.

Standardized treatment for chronic radiation-induced wounds is not established; however, flaps and skin grafts are two common surgical options. Conservative care typically includes cleaning and debridement, nutritional support, and establishment of adequate blood and oxygen supply along with vacuum-assisted devices, hyperbaric oxygen (HBO), or advanced wound care dressings, alone or in a combination. Unfortunately, chronic radiation wounds are often resistant to currently available treatment modalities and remain a challenge to treat…

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