Ankle Reconstruction Surgery

Your ankles endure tons of stress every day and are subject to all types of injuries. If you’ve injured your ankle and completely torn a ligament, you may need ankle reconstruction surgery to recreate support in the joint by reconnecting the ligament. Reconstructive surgery is also recommended when instability in your ankle and other structural problems become a chronic condition. Foot and ankle surgery is only performed when conservative treatments have failed. Our board certified foot and ankle surgeons at Ocean County Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates, P.C. serve patients throughout Ocean and Burlington counties in New Jersey and have the experience and extensive skills needed to perform all types of ankle reconstruction surgeries. Here are the two main types of procedures:

Modified Brostrom Procedures

The modified Brostrom procedure is the most common surgical procedure used for ankle reconstruction, primarily to repair the anterior talofibular ligament. This procedure tightens the lateral ankle ligaments, usually by detaching the ligaments on the fibula and reattaching them in a tighter position on the bone. One of our skilled surgeons makes a small incision on your ankle to perform the procedure and closes this cut with a dissolving stitch under your skin.

Once the swelling goes down, we apply a temporary splint. It will then be cast a few days later for about three to four weeks. Afterwards, to help with the healing process, it will be replaced with a removable walking boot. You should wait at least four to six weeks before you place any weight on your ankle. The modified Brostrom procedure is considered an anatomic reconstruction, because your surgeon attempts to restore the normal mechanics of your ankle by restoring the normal anatomy.

Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

Commonly referred to as an ALR, a lateral ankle ligament reconstruction restores stability in your ankle when one or more of the ligaments on the outside of your ankle have been stretched or torn. There are numerous methods used for an ALR. Your surgeon will provide specific details about your surgery prior to the procedure. Typically, ALR surgery involves:

  • Regional anesthesia that numbs the entire leg or a general anesthesia to make you sleep through the entire procedure
  • An incision made through the skin and muscle of your ankle, which may be small if your surgery is minimally invasive and utilizes a camera and smaller instruments to perform the operation
  • Removal of your anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) and calcaneofibular ligament (CFL) from your fibula
  • Shortening your ATFL and CFL and reattaching these ligaments to your fibula with special sutures and small holes drilled into the bone
  • Closing the incision around the muscle and skin of your ankle
  • Rehabilitation similar to that of a modified Brostrom procedure

Without surgery, your stretched or torn ligament could lead to chronic pain, repeated ankle sprains, chronic ankle instability that manifests while walking or performing other physical activities, and ankle arthritis.

Complications from either type of ankle reconstruction surgery may be encountered during the rehabilitation phase and could include stiffness of the ankle joint or recurrent instability in your ankle. However, most patients have favorable results.

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