The Partnership in Healing Wounds

Dealing with the discomfort and frustration that accompany chronic wounds can often cause a great deal of anxiety for many patients, however, following the prescribed treatment plan is extremely important in the overall process of healing.  Caring for chronic, non-healing wounds is a complex process. Creating a strong partnership between doctor and patient is critical to the success of the treatment plan.  It is our goal to ensure our patients have the tools they need to follow the prescribed treatments for successful wound healing.

As physicians, we realize the difficulties involved in wearing a total contact cast or a multilayer compression wrap, however, these are critical elements of treatment that will help patients to heal faster and with fewer adverse events. The many steps we take in the treatment of chronic wounds rely on the partnership we develop with our patients to create a solid foundation for the prescribed treatment plans.

We encourage patients to actively participate in their treatment including making sure to voice any questions or concerns they have. Our ability to understand these concerns, help us to alleviate anxiety and put fears at ease through the clear explanation of the advanced treatments we use and why we use them. Your health and safety are our main concerns. Getting your wounds healed faster will reduce the risk of infection, hospitalization and, possible amputation.

Throughout the healing process, we will continue our partnership to get you back on your feet again.