What are the Causes and Treatments of Leg Swelling?

Here at Ocean County Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates, leg swelling is a common condition that we see among our patients. As a first step in treating patients suffering from leg swelling, there are a few common causes that we look to identify.

The first is leaking veins in the legs. The veins in the legs return fluid and blood to the heart. Veins that are leaking will lead to swelling and retained fluid in the legs. At Ocean County Diagnostics, our state-of-the-art, IAC certified vascular testing facility, we identify leaking veins with a venous reflux duplex ultrasound, a noninvasive test that looks at the flow of blood through the veins.

Another common cause of leg swelling is sleeping with the legs below the heart. Gravity pulls fluid into our legs daily and sleeping with legs below the heart can increase this fluid build-up in the legs.

Leg swelling can also lead to other conditions. When fluid is trapped in the legs, it can leak through the skin causing blisters and wounds. These wounds should be promptly treated by our wound care physicians as these areas can become infected, resulting in a condition known as cellulitis.

When you visit our office, we will provide an evaluation that includes blood work to evaluate the liver and kidneys. We will also work closely with cardiologists and nephrologists to identify the cause of the swelling and work toward a solution.

Common treatments for leg swelling include walking daily, elevation of the legs throughout the day and at night, compression stockings and sleeves, compression pumps, wrapping the legs to reduce swelling, and use of water pills or diuretics in consultation with your primary care doctor and cardiologist.

If you are suffering from leg swelling or have a wound that isn’t healing, take a step in the right direction and call our office today at 732-838-FEET (3338). Our skilled physicians are ready to provide you with the attention you deserve and to get you back on your feet again.